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Thread: List of hosting sites promoted by paid forum posters?

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    List of hosting sites promoted by paid forum posters?

    Forum clean from Ads
    Hi, as an hosting / webmaster forum admin, i want to keep the forum clean from low valuable, fake, advertising posts. Advertisement has its own section.

    Some posts might be paid posts
    Here im listing Thread URLs of Hosting companies which directly or indirectly hired paid posters to promote their hosting business. I cant tell this for sure, but these posts shows certain similarity as you can see

    Is it bad to be paid poster?
    I think every person might have another oppinion about this. So i dont judge anyone, it is your own thing.

    The hostings probably promoted by paid posters
    ************* -
    *************** -
    *********** -
    ****************** -
    ************* -
    *************** -
    ************ -

    What is your oppinion about paid posting, promoting hosting companies on forums?

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    Paid posting is an old way to promote new hosting companies on forums. Sometime ago I also had a forum though it's dead now. In my forum I was delete minimum 5 post daily which contains totally new hosting sites information and some of theme are now going down. I don't want to judge anyone . I am just trying to share my feedback about paid posting !!
    I think new hosting companies can promote their site on PTC or PPC site.

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