Hello, i need working MS windows running software which will allow me to add list of domains. i can start/stop software to check this domain list whether domain is registered or become available for registration. When some domain become avaialble an email is sent to the address set in software configuration. The check is done in loop, never ends and repeats untill i stop. The check is executed automatically after software start.

Also when avaialble domain found, software will register this domain using API http://www.infosniper.net/geolocate-ip-addresses-urlparameter.php?lang=1 or any other free solid domain registarapi where .com domain price is under 15usd yearly.

If software fails to register domain, it will retry few more times and send error/success message received from API to the email address (set in software config). Successfully registered domain is removed from the domain list.


I can afford to pay like $25 it means you will create this software only when you need it yourself. or wish to sell its coppy to more people.