Please do you know how to buy WHMCS license without transfer, without fee? Is it good to let seller create subaccount in WHMCS?

My suspicious WHMCS sale story
Some person contacted me if i want to buy His/her (i dont know if it was fake) WHMCS owned license.
So i offered 70usd price to see. Then she wanted 150, original price is 240. So i offered 90, she offered 120
so i agreed, but she told she is unable to transfer license because he bught no longer than 3 months ago (WHMCS rules, cant transfer 3 months old licenses).

This persons email was like some spanish woman name, she offered she will create an subaccount for me in whmcs. So i got it and loged in, in WHMCS profile i see some Philipino male address.
And one order was "Fraud" status. As an hosting provider i see MaxMind antifraud system which whmcs use marks Fraud orders those who use Proxies and fill wrong physical address non relevant to IP of the visitor.

So i denied this transaction. She invited me to delete her profile. But im afraid that whole order can be fraud, from stolen credit card or similar. So thats why i denied.

Better to always veriffy with WHMCS support and pay the 20usd transaction fee in my oppinion.