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Thread: What is a Terminal server

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    What is a Terminal server

    Dedicated server

    USA Dedicated server

    The server and the terminal are short based on the network environment, and it is usually served by various computers.
    Terminal server is the client all the load are added to the server side, so the processing capacity of the server has certain requirements, the processor must carry a certain number of concurrent requests to provide fast response speed, if the processing capacity is not enough, likely to cause the server Slow response, software running error or even downtime. High-speed large-capacity memory can improve the response speed of the terminal server, but also to enhance the overall performance of one of the necessary conditions.
    Customers who use Terminal Server can access the server in a remote graphical interface, and can invoke applications, components, services, and so on in the server.

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    If you are referring to a Microsoft Terminal Server is is the older (windows Server 2003) version of Remote Desktop Services.

    It is a server setup/configured to allow many users to login to it and each have a unique desktop.

    These users can share files and applications which are on the server.

    See more at RiptideHosting we have been setting them up for many years.

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