KloxoMR has function to fix permissions and ownership of the files to the correct attributes.

It is under: KloxoMR / top menu, item: "Basic" / Webserver configure.

Scroll down to find "Fix 'ownership' And 'permissions' (Select To Execute)"

Another way is to go into KloxoMR/Domains/your domain/File Manager/ Permissions or Ownership tab on the top.
Permissions for the files usually should be 644 and for the directories 755


In my case website files are located in /home/admin . This folder ownership is: admin:apache, permissions: 751

Inside /home/admin is a subfolders of my websites, these have ownership: admin:admin and permissions: 755

Inside /home/admin/mywebsitename/ are files owned by: admin:admin and permissions: 644 . Folders has 755 permission.