Hi, these are acronyms currently used at ILF.
If you think its bad choice or have any new ideas on aditions, please post there

What are acronyms: Its some short word, or some slang, shortcut. When you move Your mouse on that word, it will show long version or the meaning of the word.

'seo' => 'Search Engine Optimization'
'ppc' => 'pay per click'
'cpm' => 'Cost Per Thousand'
'pr' => 'Google Page Ranking'
'js' => 'JavaScript'
'ilf' => 'InternetLifeForum'
'lol' => 'Laughing Out Loud'
'rofl' => 'Rolling On Floor Laughing'
'afaik' => 'As far as I know'
'btw' => 'By The Way'
'dot' => '.'
'nvm' => 'nevermind'