Some jobs, which can be done. Contacts on the bottom of this page.

I will sell sticky thread on forum (webmaster/money/teen/health) for $90

Hello, im selling sticky thread in subforum you select one of these forums:

The price is 15usd monthly for sticky thread in one subforum of one site. 90usd is for 6 months order. If you need to order for longer period or more sites/more subforums. Just please buy more gigs.

Please message me, im usually daily online.

Thank you for your interest

I will sell backlink from Game site - yearly for $17

Hello, im selling link at or
17usd yearly. If you want link on both sites, please buy 2 gigs.

Your link can be in sidebar sitewide or only on certain page, index page etc. Text link, should not link to adult, gambling, drug or other bad site.

Thank you

I will install webserver or free control panel for $20

Hello, if you need to install webserver with php and mysql or also free linux control panel. Im there to do it for you. I did it many times so i believe i can help you.

Just please let me know what need to be done via message and i will get back to you quickly.

Im usually daily online. If you want to order now you can do it.

Thank you

I will move/transfer websites from webhosting to VPS/server for $30

Hi, if you have too large website for shared webhosting environment and you need/have VPS/Dedicated server, i can help you with this transfer because i did it already several times successfully.

If you dont have server, i will provide you one.

Please contact me now and describe how i can help you. Im usually daily online.

Thank you

I will install/fix blog,forum,or similar on webhosting for $15

I can install / modiffy / fix blog, forum or any other website system on webhosting of your choice or on the webhosting i provide. (Im NOT a PHP programmer)

If you need any help with website, please send me a message and describe what need to be done.

Thank you

I will linux administrator work for $20


i can help you with basic linux administrator works over SSH (command line).

I have most experience with web servers installations, apache, mysql, php, backups, hypervm, openvz, installing firewall, basics in mitigating server attacks. If im not able to do your task, money will be returned.

Please if you need any linux administrator task, feel free to message me and describe what needs to be done.

Im usually daily online and i will be glad to help you.

The price of $20 is for one hour work time.

I will extract sitemap links for $5

Hi, i will extract XML sitemap links (sub/domain subpages) and export them into the file type of your choice.

After order you will be able to tell me address (URL) of the sitemap.

Thank you

I will convert your Ansi/Unicode... file/s for $5


if you need to change encoding of your file, i will try to help.
Just place an order with your file/s URL or send me a message to talk about it please.

Thank you

I will split/merge/sort/deduplicate/filter your list/s for $5

Hi, i have experience working with worlists, url lists, files. If you need some deduplicating, sorting, filtering, appending, extracting ranks, backlinks, subpages, merging/splitting lists... im there to help.

Please message me what you need to be done and i will reply quickly.

I will convert a video format into another for $20

I will convert any video file/s into another video format of your choice.
I have experience converting files of 20GB size.
I can merge, split files too.
I can upload to a website of your choice or to the anonymous temporary storage space for you.

$20 per 500MB of video size.

Please message me if you are interested in this job. Thank You

I will convert any file into PDF for $5

Hi, I will convert up to 3 files into .PDF format.
After order, you will be able to send me the file/s for conversion.

Thank you

I will post positive comment/s or vote/s ... for $8

Hi, if you need some votes (facebook, twitter, g+ or other), positive comment, posting digitalpoint like/vote, Adsense/other PTC click or similar, i will do it for you.

- The site where service need to be provided should be free to join.
- I will not post a lie (like i cant post that i did/used/watched something which i didnt)

I will do simple task totaling around 10 minutes of work.


After order, You will be able to write me the site URL or what should i do. If YOU or ME wont be satisfied, i will return your money. I want only happy customers :-). Thank You

I will help you setup your website hosting account for $5

Do you need blog, forum, other website? You will need webhosting first. Buy my gig now to get my help with webhosting setup from ;(hosting plans starts at $0.5 monthly, You will get cheapest plan for the first month for free with this order)

Should you have any questions, im there to help you and provide good service. Im waiting your message, purchase )

PS: FULL instructions are included Instantly after purchase! so you can start right now and have your hosting in minutes


Contact: chat/email
Skype, ICQ, Gtalk, MSN, YM! available after initial contact via chat/email.