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Thread: eBook "The Secret of Safe Privacy" review

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    eBook "The Secret of Safe Privacy" review

    I was reading the e-book "The Secret of Safe Privacy" and i think it is not worth one's time to download and read it.

    In short it says what are treats at internet (spyware, ransomware, keylogers..) and what to do when infected by these. THen it says it is good to use virtualization to separate ones work and reduce risks of infecting main computer.

    Virtualization is meant for example to run Virtualbox software i assume, but that is not covered in this e-book.

    Attractive photo of the e-book, low value inside - very common practice

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    Probably you have download a pirate copy of the ebook. I have read it some time ago, but purchased from the website. It cames with a very nice step by step guide so you can deploy a virtual machine.

    Not sure if you understood the concept, but the guy is right. I am now using internet on a virtual PC, most of the shity sides I like to see and I don't have concerns any more. Even on that guide they explain how to recover that virtual system in less than 1 minute. I messed up once, and it took me less than 3 minutes to have the virtual system back. The best is that my personal computer is totally blind on what I do on internet. Bye bye nasty threats

    Hope this helps you. go to their website, and get your copy, is so cheap.

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