What do you think is the best torrent client?

In my experience here is my torrent clients rank list:

1. qBittorrent - https://sourceforge.net/projects/qbittorrent/
Alot of advanced options, user friendly, open source, do not treat torrents properly if destination HDD unexpectedly disconnected

2. Transmission - https://sourceforge.net/projects/trqtw/
very fast and effective, clever made, do not support tagging to organize torrent list, unsure if it merge trackers when adding duplicate torrent, unable to edit names of the torrent contents until torrent was added, can not rename torrents in the torrent list.

3. Deluge - http://www.deluge-torrent.org/
Similar like qbittorrent, would like if i can rename torrent's contents files+folders once torrent was added

4. Tixati - https://www.tixati.com/
Fast, easy to work with

5. uTorrent
Ad supported, but is feature rich