Question: how to make qBittorent properly downloading and also listening for new connections over OpenVPN?

I read that:
one can go to Configuration/Advanced and there set Network interface.
qBittorent can be set in Options to work via proxy, but in case of a VPN i think not needed.

It works this way: Currently download/upload seems to be working when in Options/Connection i set "Port used for incoming connections" to "1194" (not sure if good idea) and network interface on of the OpenVPN, in my case and re-start qbittorent.

Offtopic, my tweak for enhanced anonymity: to prevent traffic not going thru OpenVPN (when it is down for example, real IP leaks), im using method described here,

Comodo Firewall -> Firewall -> Network Security Policy -> Global Rules -> Add

Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: In/Out
Source Address: Network Zone - (You Internet Access zone, ex. home #1)
Destination Address: Exclude - IPv4 Single Address - Entry address of server
(and it works, but is not super handy when i need to access internet from my real IP)

Open the port on the OpenVPN server:

here is the tutorial
i think that the port number to define in qbt configuration above, should be different from 1194

What do you suggest please to make qBt working over OpenVPN best way?