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Thread: Magento's admin panel error

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    Magento's admin panel error


    404 error appears in magneto when entering into it's admin panel.

    Please help me to solve above mention issue. Easy and effective solution are always welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

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    404 means file not found. Re-upload original Magento files to your hosting account and do not overwrite existing ones. Backup all files before doing so.

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    I was facing the same problem, I also tried to resolve this by myself but unable to do so. However, this company MSP IT Concepts (www.mspconcepts.com) resolved this for me. They have excellent Magento development team which helped me fix this and many other bugs in my magento website. you may want to get in touch with [email protected] I'm sure they would be able to help. They are professionals & quick to provide accurate solution for your web development projects.


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    I also faced same error and tried to resolve at my end and here are some steps which help me to resolved this error.
    You have follow below steps :
    STEP 1 – Clearing Magento Cache:
    STEP 2 – Inconsistencies related to the database should be examined and solved properly:
    STEP 3 – Proper care should be taken while customizing the platform:

    You can also check this link for detailed information: https://hoststud.com/resources/how-to-fix-404-error-on-magento-admin-url.653/

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    Thanks for sharing..very nice information..

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