I solved it, read below HOW.

Hi, did you got your forum redirected to the pagesinxtcom website?

Malicious redirect on vbulletin forum?

Here is where the issue should be.

Disable vBSEO vbulletin mod.

Problem should be solved, but you probably need vbseo right?

There are several files with base64 encoding (it hides some code) in /vbseo/ directory
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Some of these is config.xml - main vbseo configuration file. You can find "base64" in it:

It should be:

But fixing this file WONT help. Maybe even reuploading and replacing VBSEO files:


It still did not worked for me.

I found many files of vbseo containing base64.


after backing up and replacing all /public_html/ files (not folders, only files in root directory like index.php) by original vbulletin files (backup files before repacing). The forum started working without any redirect after this...

so replacing root directory files and vbseo mod files. Backup all replaced files. Your vbseo configuration file is /vbseo/resources/xml/config.xml, you may want to reupload it to recover your vbseo settings. but please dont forget to replace mentioned base64 in this file if its there, how to do it is described in first part of this article (above).

NOTE: if you using some caching in vbulletin. Purge caches, i used content delivery network (CDN) which cached various scripts and files and when i disabled CDN, PagesinXT redirect disappeared.


This PagesInXT.com redirect creator stolen 4 hours of my life. I hope this manual stolen only like 10 minutes to you to read.