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Thread: How to root Android phone

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    How to root Android phone

    Here is how to root Android phone. I found video tutorial there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmhrtTNFaBA

    But it seems i have shorter version which will work for almost any Android phone. Do this on your risk, i do not guarantee it will work, but it should.
    It should be method verified by millions of people and virus clean verified by tens of antiviruses.

    1. go to https://autoroot.chainfire.eu/ and find your phone model. (if you do not know phone type/model, go to Android Settings/General/About device)
    If your phone s listed on above mentioned webpage, you are lucky, proceed to the step 2.
    2. Download appropriate file from above mentioned webpage
    3. Connect phone to the computer using working USB data cable
    4. Extract downloaded .zip archive
    5. Scan archive using virustotal.com to see it is clean
    6. run only executable in the extracted folder, in my case: Odin3-v3.10.6
    7. hold 3 buttons on your phone all at once. 1) volume down key 2) bottom middle button 3) sleep/power button
    8) phone should warn about installing new OS. click volume up button and it will put phone into listening mode
    9) In the Odin software lanched in step 6 click AP button and select *.tar.md5 file located inside extracted folder
    10) click Start button. Phone should be restarted and rooted.

    List of devices which can probably be rooted using this tutorial:

    Samsung EK-GC100
    Samsung EK-GC200
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung GT-B5330
    Samsung GT-B5330B
    Samsung GT-B5330L
    Samsung GT-I9190
    Samsung GT-I9192
    Samsung GT-I9192
    Samsung GT-I9192
    Samsung GT-I9195
    Samsung GT-I9195H
    Samsung GT-I9195L
    Samsung GT-I9195T
    Samsung GT-I9197
    Samsung GT-I9200
    Samsung GT-I9205
    Samsung GT-I9260
    Samsung GT-I9295
    Samsung GT-I9300
    Samsung GT-I9300I
    Samsung GT-I9300T
    Samsung GT-I9301I
    Samsung GT-I9301Q
    Samsung GT-I9305
    Samsung GT-I9305
    Samsung GT-I9305N
    Samsung GT-I9305T
    Samsung GT-I9500
    Samsung GT-I9502
    Samsung GT-I9505
    Samsung GT-I9505
    Samsung GT-I9505G
    Samsung GT-I9506
    Samsung GT-I9507
    Samsung GT-I9507
    Samsung GT-I9508
    Samsung GT-I9515
    Samsung GT-I9515L
    Samsung GT-N5100
    Samsung GT-N5110
    Samsung GT-N5120
    Samsung GT-N7100
    Samsung GT-N7100T
    Samsung GT-N7102
    Samsung GT-N7105
    Samsung GT-N7105T
    Samsung GT-N8000
    Samsung GT-N8005
    Samsung GT-N8010
    Samsung GT-N8013
    Samsung GT-N8020
    Samsung GT-P3100
    Samsung GT-P3110
    Samsung GT-P3113
    Samsung GT-P5100
    Samsung GT-P5110
    Samsung GT-P5113
    Samsung GT-P5200
    Samsung GT-P5210
    Samsung GT-P5220
    Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I317
    Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I497
    Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I727
    Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747
    Samsung SAMSUNG-SM-C105A
    Samsung SAMSUNG-SM-G900AZ
    Samsung SC-01F
    Samsung SC-02E
    Samsung SC-02F
    Samsung SC-03E
    Samsung SC-04E
    Samsung SC-04F
    Samsung SC-04G
    Samsung SC-05G
    Samsung SC-06D
    Samsung SCH-I535
    Samsung SCH-I545L
    Samsung SCH-I605
    Samsung SCH-I959
    Samsung SCH-R530C
    Samsung SCH-R530U
    Samsung SCH-R890
    Samsung SCH-R950
    Samsung SCH-R960
    Samsung SCH-R970
    Samsung SCH-R970C
    Samsung SCH-R970X
    Samsung SGH-I257M
    Samsung SGH-I317M
    Samsung SGH-I337M
    Samsung SGH-I337M
    Samsung SGH-I467M
    Samsung SGH-I747M
    Samsung SGH-I757M
    Samsung SGH-M819N
    Samsung SGH-M919
    Samsung SGH-M919N
    Samsung SGH-T779
    Samsung SGH-T889
    Samsung SGH-T999
    Samsung SGH-T999V
    Samsung SHV-E140K
    Samsung SHV-E210K
    Samsung SHV-E210L
    Samsung SHV-E210S
    Samsung SHV-E230L
    Samsung SHV-E230S
    Samsung SHV-E250K
    Samsung SHV-E250L
    Samsung SHV-E250S
    Samsung SHV-E300K
    Samsung SHV-E300L
    Samsung SHV-E300S
    Samsung SHV-E310S
    Samsung SHV-E330K
    Samsung SHV-E330L
    Samsung SHV-E330S
    Samsung SHV-E370K
    Samsung SHV-E470S
    Samsung SHW-M440S
    Samsung SHW-M480K
    Samsung SHW-M480S
    Samsung SHW-M480W
    Samsung SHW-M500W
    Samsung SM-A3000
    Samsung SM-A3000
    Samsung SM-A3009
    Samsung SM-A300F
    Samsung SM-A300FU
    Samsung SM-A300G
    Samsung SM-A300H
    Samsung SM-A300H
    Samsung SM-A300M
    Samsung SM-A300Y
    Samsung SM-A300YZ
    Samsung SM-A310F
    Samsung SM-A310M
    Samsung SM-A5000
    Samsung SM-A5000
    Samsung SM-A5009
    Samsung SM-A500F
    Samsung SM-A500F1
    Samsung SM-A500FU
    Samsung SM-A500G
    Samsung SM-A500H
    Samsung SM-A500K
    Samsung SM-A500L
    Samsung SM-A500M
    Samsung SM-A500S
    Samsung SM-A500Y
    Samsung SM-A500YZ
    Samsung SM-A510F
    Samsung SM-A510Y
    Samsung SM-A7000
    Samsung SM-A7009
    Samsung SM-A700F
    Samsung SM-A700FD
    Samsung SM-A700H
    Samsung SM-A700K
    Samsung SM-A700L
    Samsung SM-A700S
    Samsung SM-A700YD
    Samsung SM-A710F
    Samsung SM-A710M
    Samsung SM-A710Y
    Samsung SM-A8000
    Samsung SM-A800F
    Samsung SM-A800I
    Samsung SM-A800S
    Samsung SM-A800YZ
    Samsung SM-A9000
    Samsung SM-C101
    Samsung SM-C105
    Samsung SM-C105S
    Samsung SM-C111
    Samsung SM-C1116
    Samsung SM-C111M
    Samsung SM-C115
    Samsung SM-C1158
    Samsung SM-C115M
    Samsung SM-C115W
    Samsung SM-E500F
    Samsung SM-E500H
    Samsung SM-E500M
    Samsung SM-E7000
    Samsung SM-E7009
    Samsung SM-E700F
    Samsung SM-E700H
    Samsung SM-E700H
    Samsung SM-E700M
    Samsung SM-G360F
    Samsung SM-G360FY
    Samsung SM-G360G
    Samsung SM-G360GY
    Samsung SM-G360T
    Samsung SM-G360T1
    Samsung SM-G361H
    Samsung SM-G361HU
    Samsung SM-G3815
    Samsung SM-G386T
    Samsung SM-G5108
    Samsung SM-G5108Q
    Samsung SM-G5109
    Samsung SM-G5306W
    Samsung SM-G5308W
    Samsung SM-G5309W
    Samsung SM-G530BT
    Samsung SM-G530F
    Samsung SM-G530FZ
    Samsung SM-G530H
    Samsung SM-G530H
    Samsung SM-G530M
    Samsung SM-G530P
    Samsung SM-G530R4
    Samsung SM-G530T
    Samsung SM-G530W
    Samsung SM-G530Y
    Samsung SM-G531BT
    Samsung SM-G531H
    Samsung SM-G7102
    Samsung SM-G7105
    Samsung SM-G7105H
    Samsung SM-G7105L
    Samsung SM-G710K
    Samsung SM-G710L
    Samsung SM-G710S
    Samsung SM-G7202
    Samsung SM-G730W8
    Samsung SM-G7508Q
    Samsung SM-G7509
    Samsung SM-G750F
    Samsung SM-G750H
    Samsung SM-G800F
    Samsung SM-G800H
    Samsung SM-G800M
    Samsung SM-G800R4
    Samsung SM-G800Y
    Samsung SM-G8508S
    Samsung SM-G850F
    Samsung SM-G850FQ
    Samsung SM-G850K
    Samsung SM-G850L
    Samsung SM-G850M
    Samsung SM-G850S
    Samsung SM-G850W
    Samsung SM-G850Y
    Samsung SM-G860P
    Samsung SM-G870F
    Samsung SM-G870W
    Samsung SM-G9006W
    Samsung SM-G9008W
    Samsung SM-G9009D
    Samsung SM-G9009W
    Samsung SM-G900F
    Samsung SM-G900F
    Samsung SM-G900FD
    Samsung SM-G900FQ
    Samsung SM-G900H
    Samsung SM-G900I
    Samsung SM-G900I
    Samsung SM-G900I
    Samsung SM-G900K
    Samsung SM-G900L
    Samsung SM-G900M
    Samsung SM-G900MD
    Samsung SM-G900P
    Samsung SM-G900R4
    Samsung SM-G900R6
    Samsung SM-G900S
    Samsung SM-G900T
    Samsung SM-G900T1
    Samsung SM-G900T3
    Samsung SM-G900W8
    Samsung SM-G901F
    Samsung SM-G903F
    Samsung SM-G903M
    Samsung SM-G903W
    Samsung SM-G906K
    Samsung SM-G906L
    Samsung SM-G906S
    Samsung SM-G910S
    Samsung SM-G9200
    Samsung SM-G9208
    Samsung SM-G9208
    Samsung SM-G9209
    Samsung SM-G920F
    Samsung SM-G920I
    Samsung SM-G920K
    Samsung SM-G920L
    Samsung SM-G920P
    Samsung SM-G920R4
    Samsung SM-G920S
    Samsung SM-G920T
    Samsung SM-G920T
    Samsung SM-G920T1
    Samsung SM-G920W8
    Samsung SM-G9250
    Samsung SM-G9250
    Samsung SM-G925F
    Samsung SM-G925I
    Samsung SM-G925K
    Samsung SM-G925L
    Samsung SM-G925P
    Samsung SM-G925R4
    Samsung SM-G925S
    Samsung SM-G925T
    Samsung SM-G925W8
    Samsung SM-G9280
    Samsung SM-G9287
    Samsung SM-G9287C
    Samsung SM-G928C
    Samsung SM-G928F
    Samsung SM-G928G
    Samsung SM-G928I
    Samsung SM-G928K
    Samsung SM-G928L
    Samsung SM-G928N0
    Samsung SM-G928P
    Samsung SM-G928R4
    Samsung SM-G928S
    Samsung SM-G928T
    Samsung SM-G928W8
    Samsung SM-G930F
    Samsung SM-G935F
    Samsung SM-J5008
    Samsung SM-J500F
    Samsung SM-J500FN
    Samsung SM-J500G
    Samsung SM-J500H
    Samsung SM-J500M
    Samsung SM-J500N0
    Samsung SM-J500Y
    Samsung SM-J7008
    Samsung SM-J700F
    Samsung SM-J700H
    Samsung SM-J700M
    Samsung SM-N750
    Samsung SM-N750
    Samsung SM-N7500Q
    Samsung SM-N7502
    Samsung SM-N7505
    Samsung SM-N7505
    Samsung SM-N7505L
    Samsung SM-N7506V
    Samsung SM-N7507
    Samsung SM-N7508V
    Samsung SM-N750K
    Samsung SM-N750L
    Samsung SM-N750S
    Samsung SM-N900
    Samsung SM-N9000Q
    Samsung SM-N9002
    Samsung SM-N9002
    Samsung SM-N9005
    Samsung SM-N9006
    Samsung SM-N9006
    Samsung SM-N9007
    Samsung SM-N9007
    Samsung SM-N9008
    Samsung SM-N9008
    Samsung SM-N9008S
    Samsung SM-N9008V
    Samsung SM-N9009
    Samsung SM-N9009
    Samsung SM-N900P
    Samsung SM-N900R4
    Samsung SM-N900S
    Samsung SM-N900T
    Samsung SM-N900U
    Samsung SM-N900W8
    Samsung SM-N900W8
    Samsung SM-N9100
    Samsung SM-N9106W
    Samsung SM-N9108V
    Samsung SM-N9109W
    Samsung SM-N910C
    Samsung SM-N910F
    Samsung SM-N910G
    Samsung SM-N910H
    Samsung SM-N910K
    Samsung SM-N910L
    Samsung SM-N910P
    Samsung SM-N910R4
    Samsung SM-N910S
    Samsung SM-N910T
    Samsung SM-N910T3
    Samsung SM-N910U
    Samsung SM-N910V
    Samsung SM-N910W8
    Samsung SM-N9150
    Samsung SM-N9150
    Samsung SM-N915F
    Samsung SM-N915FY
    Samsung SM-N915G
    Samsung SM-N915G
    Samsung SM-N915K
    Samsung SM-N915L
    Samsung SM-N915P
    Samsung SM-N915R4
    Samsung SM-N915S
    Samsung SM-N915T
    Samsung SM-N915T
    Samsung SM-N915W8
    Samsung SM-N916K
    Samsung SM-N916L
    Samsung SM-N916S
    Samsung SM-N9200
    Samsung SM-N9208
    Samsung SM-N9208
    Samsung SM-N920C
    Samsung SM-N920G
    Samsung SM-N920G
    Samsung SM-N920I
    Samsung SM-N920K
    Samsung SM-N920L
    Samsung SM-N920P
    Samsung SM-N920R4
    Samsung SM-N920S
    Samsung SM-N920T
    Samsung SM-N920W8
    Samsung SM-P355
    Samsung SM-P550
    Samsung SM-P555
    Samsung SM-P600
    Samsung SM-P600
    Samsung SM-P600
    Samsung SM-P601
    Samsung SM-P601
    Samsung SM-P602
    Samsung SM-P605
    Samsung SM-P605K
    Samsung SM-P605M
    Samsung SM-P605S
    Samsung SM-P607T
    Samsung SM-P900
    Samsung SM-P901
    Samsung SM-P905
    Samsung SM-P905F0
    Samsung SM-P905M
    Samsung SM-T310
    Samsung SM-T311
    Samsung SM-T311
    Samsung SM-T312
    Samsung SM-T315
    Samsung SM-T315T
    Samsung SM-T320
    Samsung SM-T321
    Samsung SM-T325
    Samsung SM-T330
    Samsung SM-T330NU
    Samsung SM-T331
    Samsung SM-T331C
    Samsung SM-T332
    Samsung SM-T335
    Samsung SM-T335
    Samsung SM-T335K
    Samsung SM-T335K
    Samsung SM-T335L
    Samsung SM-T335L
    Samsung SM-T337T
    Samsung SM-T337T
    Samsung SM-T350
    Samsung SM-T355
    Samsung SM-T355C
    Samsung SM-T355Y
    Samsung SM-T360
    Samsung SM-T365
    Samsung SM-T365Y
    Samsung SM-T520
    Samsung SM-T525
    Samsung SM-T530
    Samsung SM-T530
    Samsung SM-T530NU
    Samsung SM-T530NU
    Samsung SM-T531
    Samsung SM-T532
    Samsung SM-T533
    Samsung SM-T535
    Samsung SM-T535
    Samsung SM-T537R4
    Samsung SM-T537R4
    Samsung SM-T550
    Samsung SM-T555
    Samsung SM-T555C
    Samsung SM-T700
    Samsung SM-T705
    Samsung SM-T705C
    Samsung SM-T705M
    Samsung SM-T705W
    Samsung SM-T705Y
    Samsung SM-T710
    Samsung SM-T715
    Samsung SM-T715C
    Samsung SM-T715Y
    Samsung SM-T800
    Samsung SM-T805
    Samsung SM-T805C
    Samsung SM-T805K
    Samsung SM-T805L
    Samsung SM-T805M
    Samsung SM-T805S
    Samsung SM-T805W
    Samsung SM-T805Y
    Samsung SM-T805Y
    Samsung SM-T807P
    Samsung SM-T807T
    Samsung SM-T810
    Samsung SM-T815
    Samsung SM-T815C
    Samsung SM-T815Y
    Samsung SM-T817
    Samsung SM-T817P
    Samsung SM-T817R4
    Samsung SM-T900
    Samsung SM-T900
    Samsung SM-T905
    Samsung SPH-L520
    Samsung SPH-L600
    Samsung SPH-L710
    Samsung SPH-L720
    Samsung SPH-L720T
    Samsung SPH-L900
    Google ADT-1
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3
    Motorola MotoG3-TE
    Motorola MotoG3-TE
    Samsung Nexus 10
    LGE Nexus 4
    LGE Nexus 5
    LGE Nexus 5X
    Motorola Nexus 6
    Huawei Nexus 6P
    Asus Nexus 7
    Asus Nexus 7
    Asus Nexus 7
    Asus Nexus 7
    HTC Nexus 9
    HTC Nexus 9
    Motorola XT1031
    Motorola XT1032
    Motorola XT1032
    Motorola XT1033
    Motorola XT1033
    Motorola XT1039
    Motorola XT1052
    Motorola XT1052
    Motorola XT1063
    Motorola XT1064
    Motorola XT1068
    Motorola XT1068
    Motorola XT1068
    Motorola XT1069
    Motorola XT1072
    Motorola XT1078
    Motorola XT1085
    Motorola XT1092
    Motorola XT1093
    Motorola XT1094
    Motorola XT1095
    Motorola XT1097
    Motorola XT1097
    Google Yellowstone

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    download the root application and then root the phn

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    Oh wow, such a great work. Thanks a lot. I wanted to relax and find my favorite http://bettingcasinoslots.com/top-slots-soft/wms/ as I'm waiting for my plane and the phone said it had to be rooted

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    Useful information on how to root an android phone. If you are interested to make various types of android applications then you may take help from the best clone script service provider.

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    Your wrote very well about how to root your android phone.

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    such a nice info

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    Thanks for the information.Its really helps to everyone.

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    I wonder, why do people root their smartphones?

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    what phones do you like

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