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Who We Are? is your trusted provider of dedicated servers and other IaaS related services. We are changing the way people think about Infrastructure-as-a-service.

Why Choose Us
Here at, we bring expertise, technology, and a secure environment for managed hosting, private Cloud hosting, and an available on demand, customized infrastructure for companies based around the world. Our team of hosting experts delivers technological infrastructure solutions for an array of different sized businesses that all share the need for a reliable hosting platform. With servers in the United States, Russia, and the Netherlands, our client base is truly international, and our technical solutions are truly international in scope
We look forward to helping your company grow with the help of our secured, dedicated servers and suite of quality features that aim at providing the safest environment. Let us structure an infrastructure solution for your computing storage dilemmas, so you can spend your time managing your business growth instead of your business servers.

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10 x Processor : Intel E3-1240 (3.3-3.7Ghz, 4C/8T)
Ram : 16 GB PC3-10600E (Upgrades Possible!)
HDD : 4 TB SATA Or 240 GB SSD (Intel 520/530/535) (4 disks supported)
Uplink : 1GE Dedicated Uplink
Bandwidth: 1Gbps 330 TB Pooled Bandwidth ( Free Incoming )
IPs: 1 IP/Server
Price : 83.00/mo ($91.77) * 10 servers = 830/mo ($919/mo) ( billed annually = 1 month free )

To Customize or Order Email Us Now : [email protected]

Possible Upgrades :
  • Processor - Intel X3430/ E3-1240v3 /E3-1240v5/ E5-2620v3
  • RAM - 32/64/96 GB
  • Network - 2x1Gbit / 3x1Gbit/ 4x1gbit / 1x10Gbit
  • Private Network - Dedicated VLAN + /24 subnet ( more possible )
  • IPMI Access

IP Ranges :
1 x /24 (255 Usable IPs) : $128 (Normal use - Acknowledge abuse) ( 0.5$ / IP )
1 x /24 (255 Usable IPs) : $256 (Marketing use)

Bandwidth Upgrade :
50TB ( 35 Extra ) / 100TB ( 70 Extra ) / 250TB ( 140 Extra )
95th percentile - 1 Gbps starting from 250/Mo (You can push up to 333TB)
95th percentile - 10 Gbps starting from 2500/Mo (You can push up to 3.4 PB)
95th percentile - 20 Gbps starting from 5000/Mo (You can push up to 6.4 PB)

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Have a low budget? Cannot find the plan you need? Not sure about your requirements?
Don't worry! Feel free to ask us. We are extremely flexible in custom configuration and can work with all your needs, may it be a setup of dedicated private networks or NAS devices !

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1. Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
Our network connectivity also meets the highest standards - 99.9% network uptime guaranteed with our Service Level Agreement. Given our 24/7/365
functionality and congestion-free network, we provide you with the fast and smooth service you demand.

2. Is it possible to start off on a monthly plan and later switch to a yearly plan?
Yes, This is absolutely Possible.

3. Do you provide refunds after the server has been ordered?
No, We do not provide any refunds on dedicated servers, Please get all your quarries cleared before hand!

4. What methods of payment do you offer?
We accepts all major credit & debit cards along with Paypal, Bitcoins.

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