Are you looking for the high-quality productivity, non-failure operation, stability and safety of servers? Using services of the virtual Legionbox server, the RAM, storage and capacity as we work without overload are provided to you, is adjusted. In addition, to work with us - it is a pleasure, everything is simple and accurate, you have an opportunity at any time to increase the volume of a disk and random access memory only in some clicks (it is only necessary to choose the plan necessary to you, to adjust throughput activity, the control panel (ISPmanager®or cPanel®), to set OS, the country, we will make all the rest).

Our SSD VPS servers include:
- Free rapid setup;
- 1 dedicated IP;
- Guaranteed refund within 7 days;
- XEN/KVM visualization;
- Free panel ISPmanager Lite;
- Best-of-breed routers and servers;
- 24/7 email and Web-based tech support;
- material protection (24/7);
- network monitoring (24/7).
[*]Exceptional compatibility: the Legionbox server can be used to efficiently deploy any CMS, Active Directory, DNS Servers, IIS Hosting, Meta4 Trading, Regular Desktop Documentation, General Websites, Forex, Reseller Web Hosting, VPN Tunnel, PPTP, Email Server for Work Group, Teamspeak, Jabber, Backup, Statistic, Intranet System, Database, Game Server MMORPG, etc.

Choose one of options: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS + cPanel or Windows2008/2012.
Available locations: USA, Los Angeles; Switzerland, Zurich; Germany, Nuremberg; Russia, Moscow.

Selecting a VPS plan:
XEN VPS HDD (vCPU: E5-2620, Memory: 512MB, 25GB HDD) - only $7/ month.
SSD VPS (vCPU: 2xE5-2670, Memory: 1024MB, 10GB SSD) - only $10/ month.
Operating Systems: Centos 7/6 (32/64 bit), Debian 7/6 (32/64 bit), Linuxmint 13 (64 bit), Scilinux 6 (64 bit), Ubuntu 14/13 (32/64 bit), Windows 2003 Server R2, Windows 2008 Server R2.
The full list tariff plans, you can see here.

Dedicated Server in Germany (Intel Core™ i7-6700, Memory: 64GB, SSD 2 X 500GB) - only $200/ month.
Dedicated Server in Switzerland (Dual (2) Intel Xeon 2xE5-2620, Memory: 64GB, SSD 2 X 1TB) - only $400/ month.
Dedicated Server in USA (Dual (2) Intel Xeon 2xE5-2620, Memory: 64GB, SSD 2 X 1TB) - only $400/ month.

Check the quality of the servers within trial vps right now!

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