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Thread: Is betting online legal?

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    Mar 2016

    Is betting online legal?

    I want to try it out, but I am not sure

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    Others are correct, it would likely depend on the place regulations.

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    In our european country is allowed to play casino in casinos registered in our country only i think.

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    Depends on the country, of course. In my country, gambling is totally legal. I like some free online casinos like those spins at https://free-spins.net/ And I am a huge fan of betting, of course I like it because it can be really fun. But I don't like to spend my money on such things
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    In some countries, betting online is a common game that everyone can play. There is nothing illegal here

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    I thinks rules are different for the different country.

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    Yeah, it depends. But I like online casinos a lot! I often play online of different websites using the deals from https://casinodeal.co.uk They are very useful for both beginners and experienced players, as they can help them get more from gambling. I can totally recommend you to use them too
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