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Thread: What are your thoughts on Forex and Binary options?

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    Mar 2016

    What are your thoughts on Forex and Binary options?

    Do you like trading?

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    Mar 2016
    I guess, it is scam... Never use those things

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    Mar 2016
    I like binary trading a lot! Needless to say, it is very risky, but if you are good at it, you will definitely get some really nice money from trading. I earn some pretty decent sums monthly, and I like it a lot!
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    Apr 2022
    My friend, I like trading. But it`s not easy to have profit on the FX market. Only after I started to use mt4 indicators ( https://tradersunion.com/interesting-articles/top-10-best-mt4-indicators/ ), my trading did become profitable.

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