Thank you for making us VPS provider of your choice. Our goal is to provide the very best service for everyone and improve on our wide array of features in order to provide many choices and an efficient user experience and technology. We enjoy getting to know everyone personally on our beta and alpha testing (in this location) last month and really appreciate and thankful for the feedback. We are looking forward to continue working with each of you, especially on this established location of our home town (our country of residence), Jakarta.

As we are expert in delivering 100% powerful and high-tech VPS to Forex Customers, we believe that we can do the same with Non-Forex Clients

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Technical Specification
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Location: Matrix DC (Plaza Kuningan - 101 Annex Building - Jakarta)
Uplink: 2x FO Redundant
Switch: L3 Switch (all FO LACP/trunk interconnection to Core Routers and across the network).
Cabling: Cat6 Panduit Standard
Server Depth: Max. 75cm
Our ASN: 55664
Remote KVM/IPMI: Available on all our range of servers (the DC is very strict upon prohibiting anyone from accessing or entering the room. So any working around should be made from outside using remote tools. We will provide you this)
Jakarta Termination: Pantai Mutiara --> Plaza Kuningan --> Cyber 1 Building
Singapore POP: Equinix, Global Switch, Chai Chi, Geo Tele (IPLC and eIPLC available upon request).
Site Survey: We'd be more than pleased to welcome you on board. Please do prepare your ID Card (KTP) or KITAS or Passport 1 day prior to arrival (or 3 days for foreigners)

Matrix DC known as a Main POP (from Pantai Mutiara, as the landing point of 1,055 km MCSIX Jakarta - Singapore submarine cable, containing most ISP with Telco or STM-x alike equipment with a total of 2,56TB design capacity).

PT. NAP Info Lintas Nusa and Matrix Network Pte. Ltd. has the right to reserve under the brand and trademark name of MCS-IX (R) or Matrix Cable System (R)

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Network Specification
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Indonesia: 1 GBps (through local peering IIX, OIXP and local Matrix IIX-3)
Singapore: 1 GBps (through MCS-IX)
International: 100 MBps (burstable for colo and server clients) - 10 MBps (burstable for others)
International MCS-IX Peering: ASN55818 (No. 2 largest Indonesia peering)
IX Bandwidth Limitation: 95th percentile will be calculated and billed if above 5 MB monthly exceeded, we suggest that you use SG server or GRE tunneling for heavy IX transit.
Test IP dan Looking Glass:

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In order to avoid unnecessary polemic and debates regarding benchmark speed of download and upload using Speedtest, we do endorse and advice that the network performance test could be formed by using a simultaneous and multi-threading application (such as IDM for Windows or Axel for Linux) and a direct/peering connection (point to point) that will represent the actual true ISP performance and throughput, thus will give us a better perspective upon benefiting the satisfaction of our customers. Should you need an assistance regarding this issue, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Surely, we would be more than glad to welcome you with a clean trial environmental module for testing purposes.