Hostwinds Minecraft SSD VPS (Virtual Private Server) offers a secure, fast and reliable option while remaining powerful and affordable. We offer the Minecraft SSD VPS with your needs and budget at the top of our minds.

Hostwinds Minecraft SSD VPS hosting clients are secure in knowing we are committed to quality on all levels - never sacrificing to cut corners. This commitment shines brightly through the equipment we use to serve our clients as we choose the highest quality hardware available for our configurations. We refuse to shortchange our clients.

We offer a dedicated network to support your servers, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You won’t be sharing bandwidth between cloud servers, nor will the bandwidth be oversold - the Hostwinds standard.

Your Minecraft world is safe with Hostwinds

Special Features:
Fully Managed
Root Access
SSD Based
Resource Isolation
Great Stability

Hostwinds offers 16 levels of customization starting as low as $8.00 a month!
Offering the following customizations:
-CPU Cores: 1 - 8
-RAM guaranteed: 1GB - 35GB
-Disk Space: 15GB - 90GB
-Transfer Speed: 100Mbps - 1000Mbps
-Max Players: 10 - 350

Contact us today to get started - we are always here to serve you!
Phone: 1.855.467.8946
EMail: [email protected]

Thank you for considering Hostwinds as your web hosting company!