Got an email from BotmasterLabs (developer of the software usually used for spamming)

Subject: VPS offer for Xrumer

Hello, we a glad to present to you VPS for XRumer made by one of our partners.
they don't care about Spamhaus, they don't care about abuses, so they offer guaranty that your VPS will be online.
(As payment is accepted PayPal, BitCoin, Webmoney)
At this time are available 2 configs

Core i7 3820 x2 cores | 25 gb ssd | 4 gb ram | 1 ip | - 80$
Core i7 3820 x2 cores | 50 gb ssd | 8 gb ram | 1 ip | - 120$

For more questions and purchase contact
stop - (this is an email, replace - by @)

------------- webpage: house%2F&sandbox=1

They seems to be open to spamming tools hosting, bruteforce tools hosting and even malware hosting:

Windows rdp - free.
We cant ignore dmca.
We have a different price. For Xrumer - 130-200$
For brutforce - 250$ and more..
For malware etc. - 500$
Please is there any customer who is using their server? What can you say?