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Thread: Magento ecommerce store

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    Magento ecommerce store

    In Magento store we configure products but I am having confusion in properties of simple (derived) products like status set to what and also visibility. Also Auto generated Xml sitemap contains simple products URls should I keep those Urls in sitemap?

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    > Xml sitemap contains simple products URls should I keep those Urls in sitemap?
    If these URLs are valid and point to the product pages then its usefull to have them in the sitemap.

    > i advice you to join some Magento forum and ask there, also provide screenshots to help people better understand what you are speaking about

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    I used to have the same question and then I found this article. Basically it said:
    In order to make search engines fast crawl your website, you need to create a sitemap that submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Magento will keep your sitemap up to date and automatically generate this for you. To enable this, go to System > Configuration > Google Sitemap...

    Here is the full content: https://www.simicart.com/blog/top-4-errors-in-magento-seo-should-be-avoided/
    For other knowledges in Magento E-commerce, find out more here: https://www.simicart.com/blog/category/tutorials/

    Hope this can help you solve your problem!

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    Yes you can keep auto generated Xml sitemap which contains simple products' URls in sitemap.

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    First of all a site map which you create is submitted to google and than link which you submitted should be recalled so that google will send the crawler and the page will b get into dat.
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