250 TB and 100 TB Singapore Server with 1GBPS and 10GBPS port.
RedSwitches is a premier provider of dedicated server solutions, and we're proud to announce the addition of servers that are based in Singapore. If you're looking to serve customers in Asia, this represents a great way to make your service more accessible.

Our systems are designed to be super fast. They employ high-end processors and enough RAM to take on the job of hosting your website. By having the servers located in Singapore, we also help cut down response times for customers in Asian and nearby markets. We allocate more than enough bandwidth to keep all of the visitors to your site happy. This ultimately gives an SEO boost to your site, since it will be responsive and ready to serve pages at all times. The search engines and your customers will be pleased, and that's good for your bottom line.
Contact to deal with us:
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
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Processor : Intel Xeon E3-1230
Ram : 16GB
HDD : 2x120GB SSD or 4x1TB HDD
Bandwidth : 10TB
Port : 1GE Dedicated Uplink
Location : Singapore
Cost: 89$

If you're looking for a dedicated server solution that's tailored to the needs of users in Asia, the folks at RedSwitches have it covered. Our systems are reasonably priced starting at $89. To learn more about getting a dedicated server from us, you can email, call or contact us through our online chat system.
1. Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
Our network connectivity also meets the highest standards - 99.9% network uptime guaranteed with our Service Level Agreement. Given our 24/7/365
functionality and congestion-free network, we provide you with the fast and smooth service you demand.

2. Is it possible to start off on a monthly plan and later switch to a yearly plan?
Yes, This is absolutely Possible.

3. Do you provide refunds after server has been ordered ?
No, We do not provide any refunds on dedicated servers , Please get all your quarries cleared before hand!

4. What methods of payment do you offer?
Redswitches accepts all major credit & debit cards along with Moneybookers(Skrill),Paypal,Alertpay(payza),Intern ational Bank Transfer.
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Calvin K.
Sales Team