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Thread: What if sitemap URL Canonicalization?

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    What if sitemap URL Canonicalization?

    I know about page URL canonicalization but what is about sitemap canonical, I found 3 different formats for XML sitemap like:


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    The XML sitemap page does not need to have a canonical URL setup. Based on the example URLs shared, I would recommend you to setup:

    a) An http to https redirect - so that all pages in your website open as https
    b) Depending on your website, setup either www to non-www redirection or non-www to www redirection. This will ensure that all URLs open as either in www version or non-www version depending on the rule you set but it won't open both page versions which is a duplication case at the moment.

    After you have completed (a) & (b) you should see only one page open for your xml sitemap which you can then submit to Google search console and/or to Bing webmaster tools.
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    Naeem Gari

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    Your XML Sitemap should only contain URLs you wish for search engines to index. If a URL is canonicalized, this is an explicit statement to search engines that you do NOT wish for the URL to be indexed, and instead wish for the canonical URL to consolidate indexing signals.

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