Some computer mouses getting faulty doubleclicking even you push the button only once.

How to fix this, preventing mouse double clicking. Doubleclick is caused by hardware fault, but we can instruct our operating system to accept only doubleclick that has enough delay between each click (human double click). So how to set minimum allowed delay between two clicks?

Here it is answered:

THis application works for me, i ran it as Administrator on Windows 10.
It do not have any interface, just run it and it is running as a background process.

Following method stopped working for me on WIndows 10. SO i do NOT recommend it.

If anyone want, here is the resulting .exe application that blocks hyper click:

And here is the guide on how i made the application:

1. download & install it
2. create new .txt file and paste into it:

~LButton::return ; Set A_PriorHotkey.
#If A_PriorHotkey != "" && A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 130
LButton::return ; Block hotkey.
3. save file and rename it into .ahk file. Example disallow_fastclick.ahk
4. Go to start menu and in the "AutoHotkey1MouseClick" group, open "Convert .ahk to .exe", then convert your .ahk into .exe.
5. Run exe and make it running at boot or just leave on the desktop