DO you have any ideas on Firefox extensions/addons that was not yet developed?

1. Proxy related FIrefox addon:

2. Firefox addon which will not allow submitting HTML web form which contains password type input field on an non-HTTPS page. User must acknowledge he is aware he submitting password as a plain text. This warning can be set to appear only if Firefox is not set to use proxy. (example i have proxy with encryption running so i dont need to care if i submit unencrypted password). But sometimes proxy is not use, so the aim of this plugin is help prevent submitting sensitive passwords thru un-encrypted channel.
UPDATE: i think current firefox shows helpfull tooltip on login forms if it is not HTTPS

3. random password & username / identity generator with encrypted storage synced in Firefox Sync
I can click icon and it will generate new random identity and pre-fill the webform. Identity country, phone, name will match my current IP address country location. The password and username will be automatically saved and when i access that site again in future i can single click and it will pre-fill the login webform. The login data restore function is activated after user input unlocking password after browser start. Data are synced into FIrefox Sync server, encrypted.
Update: check this addon, isnt it a solution? PwdHash (not sure if data are encrypted and included in Sync)