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Thread: How to create site map of my site ?

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    How to create site map of my site ?

    Hello friends,

    I want to know that How to create site map of my site ? tell me guys..

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    Basically i am creating xml site map from xml-sitemaps[dot]com. and html sitemap manually.

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    when my script do not have plugins that allows sitemap generating automatically when new content is added, i google this phrasse "sitemap generator" to use free service to one-time create sitemap

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    There are two kind of sitemap One is HTML and XML. HTML sitemap is for human viewers to find all the links on one page and navigate website easily, XML sitemap is to submit in webmaster tool so that you can get complete website indexed in one effort. XMl sitemap helps crawlers to crawl webpages fast in order to get more and more pages indexed.

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    Trough xml-sitemaps.com you can make sitemap.

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    Use xml-sitemaps dot com for generating free xml sitemap for your website.

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    You can use xmlsitemapgenerator to create XML, HTML and RSS site map.

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