When one already have Windows Server 2008 or 2012 + installed and on public static IP, one can use it for website hosting too.

First register new nameservers for your domain name in your domain registar control panel and point these to your Windows server public IP address.
ns1.yourdomainnamehere.tld -> yourserverip
ns2.yourdomainnamehere.tld -> yourserverip

After some minutes it should be registered and you can veriffy it entering your domain to online dns tools like www.intodns.com

Then setup your Windows server..:

What is needed is to install Microsoft webserver and its components using Microsoft Web Platform Installer:

Once that is done, one can setup a website.

Im not sure if the Web Platform Installer setup DNS server and all DNS Zone entries. In my case i setup DNS this way on Windows Server:

Open Server manager.


Go to Roles, Add new role, if not exist: DNS Server / DNS / machinenamehere
Right click Forward Lookup Zones and add New Zone...
Let it be "Primary zone", Zone name should be "yourdomainnamehere.tld". Then Zone file should be as it is by default.
Then "Do not allow dynamic updates". Done.


Now right click newly created zone and select Properties / Name servers (tab), remove nameserver that was automatically added and instead add New Name Server Record. There enter fqdn, for example ns1.yourdomainnamehere.tld. make sure this nameserver is registered (with your domain provider for example) and it points to the public IP of your Windows Server. Below the Name Server Record add the IP of your server. Confirm and add secondary nameserver (ns2.yourdomainnamehere.tld) same way.
Then close the properties window.


In the DNS section of the Server Manager right click the zone and select to add "New Host (A or AAAA)". Leave "Name" field blank and enter your IP below. Add host


Right click your zone and click "New Alias (CNAME)". Alies name will be "www" as a fqdn enter your domain, like "yourdomainnamehere.tld". COnfirm. Similar way you can add subdomains.

Once DNS setup was complete, i was able to create new domain folder from within IIS Werserver manager, i named it as my domain name "yourdomainnamehere.tld". Then i can browse the folder and copy there html files that should appear when someone visit "yourdomainnamehere.tld".


DNS changes may take some hours until propagate. I use web proxies (google: free web proxy) to see if website resolve properly.