If you have bitcoin account and free inux server too, you may get an idea to use it for bitcoin mining to make some coins installing CPU minner, GPU minner or FPGA minner on your server. I think on dedicated servers, therere is not much GPU (if any), but rather CPU, but i might be wrong?

But you SHOULD NOT mine coins on normal server. Why? there are quotations from Bitcoin forum.

CPU mining on a dedicated centos 5 server, how to?
You'll be best mining for litecoin with a CPU as it's designed for CPU mining.
It's a waste of electricity even if it doesn't cost you anything.
That 25 cents will take a week to generate as well
Stop wasting everyones time. CPU mining is not profitable unless your a botnet.
Learn to search instead of posting stupid topics
We already came to this conclusion, no need to necropost without adding additional useful information.

Anyway here is overview of minners:

How to setup bitcoin miner at Centos Linux

Centos #1

Centos #2

Centos #3 (he uses GPU, normal dedi servers does not have nVidias)

How to setup bitcoin miner at Ubuntu:

Ubuntu #1:

Ubuntu #2:

Ubuntu #3

Ubuntu #4

Me personally, i wont bother to setup miner on normal computer/server because of negligible profit.