im using whmcs Version: 5.2.16

and im using enom module to register domains

when customer add an domain to order, the domain is checked if its available.

it all works, but today i added new tld (.io) via whmcs administration

but it seems no mater which .io domain i try to add to the cart, it shows domain as taken/registered.

example this one:

but when i check on
i see its actually available.


It appears that whois service for that particular TLD (.io for example) changed their whois output format.

The whois servers are listed in:

non working old line:

new, working line:
.io||is available

The pattern after pipe sign "|" is probably one that WHMCS is looking for on the whois output page., So if all domains are marked as taken/registered, do a whois on appropriate whois service and see which pattern is on the page. Maybe whois service changed their output.


If the syntax is right, but still says Unavailable, then possibly the WHOIS server permanently or temporarily blocked the IP address of the hosting server on which is the WHMCS hosted. It may help to switch IP (buy dedicated IP for the WHMCS website) or setup some whois proxy server that will proxy my requests to the destination whois server. Though i have not yet found any tutorial. Another cause MAY be that site is behind Cloudflare or other such proxy and such proxy IP is blocked by whois server because of too many people using the proxy IP or abuse it..?