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Thread: Hosting/VPS/server provider that allow proxy/Tor registration (anonymous/offshore)

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    Hosting/VPS/server provider that allow proxy/Tor registration (anonymous/offshore)

    Hello, which hosting/domain providers do not use Maxmind or other software to filter out registrations/logins via Tor network or proxy?

    Do You know any Tor network friendly web hosting providers?

    I mean

    - one can register with different country than the IP address country (IP of the Tor proxy)

    - no anti-fraud checks or identity veriffication like identity card scans needed

    - accept higher anonymity payment methods like Perfectmoney or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum ...)

    Any providers that meets all 3 above requirements?

    So far, i tried and happy: (BTC,LTC,ETH) no Tor exit allowed (bitcoin) DMCA ignored (BTC) (BTC,LTC,XMR) (SOL, BTC... accepted, good prices, looks really good) BTC, ETH, XMR etc., higher prices, have .onion domain!) (BTC,crypto,PerfectMoney) they mark Tor order as Fraud due to MaxMind, but after i created ticket asking for activating order, they did it in a minute

    Untested by me (but was said to allow Tor/proxy & no scanned documents): (offers DDoS, IPv4 subnet, higher RAM on request) (BTC, allow torrent) (said to be good) - says VPN signup OK, no identity verification
    try (reviews topic) if anyone order with Tor, report experience please (there can be problem in email communication when they do not receive client emails, i succeeded on billing and sales at ecatel dott info, recommend to contact before order.) - Bitcoin, PM?

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    Is this useful / helpfull? Yes | No never requested identity card also accept bitcoins. On their Twitter says that they offer hidden services (onion VPS as well).

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    Well i know about serverwala, They do not have any issues when it comes to Tor network or proxy servers.

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    http://servnetshsztndci.onion - found on reddit, onions community on side menu.

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    Try bulletproof hosting from bpserv

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