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Thread: Asking for review after purchase?

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    Question Asking for review after purchase?

    Do you ask for post a review once customer place a order and pay invoice? I mean after invoice paid then you ask for a review?

    I am thinking about adding this type of system on my site to get reviews but scared that customer will like it or not. Some are very sensitive or easily get irritated so I am worry about it however If you have a experience then please share it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webhostingworld View Post
    Feedbacks are the most useful element there are for swaying people's opinions, and it can also have a significant bearing on the success of a company. An optimistic evaluation has a multitude of benefits, all of which have an impact on various aspects, ranging from the level of customer satisfaction to the number of sales that are made because reviews build trust.
    yes, your right but it's not like everybody will give a feedback i think only 20% of people give feedback what i mean is that don't expect everybody do help you with a evaluation

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    Request for a review after your customer receives an orders and uses it. You may request it through an email. Customers can only review after they use the product. Requesting for review right after placing an order is not worth.

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