How to setup Website on installed Kloxo control panel

After you installed Kloxo, Login using yourserverip:7778 (or 7777, secure). default login and password is: admin, admin

Then you will change your password and lxguard (you will get red notiffications inviting you to change).

1. Then click "Domains" tab

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2. Then find and click DNS Template link in the red box which appear above. You will set your DNS template like this:

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As primary and Secondary DNS, you will enter your so called domain nameservers (or sometimes called only nameservers). These needs to be registered from your domain registar control panel. (ns1 and ns2 . yourdomainname.tld). Each nameserver point to your server main IP. If it dont allow you same IP for both ns, you may try using as a second nameserver IP. Domain registar should help you with nameserver registration. After registered, find the domain you want to host on your new Kloxo server and change its nameservers to your newly registered ones ( and

You may also see the red message saying "The identification name for your mail server is not set.", just click that link and enter domain name and leave default values + save.

3.Click "Domains" again and Add your domain name like on the image below.

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4. Then restart your server from SSH command line using command "reboot" or from Kloxo, clicking icon "Admin", "Reboot". After like 1 minute, you will be able to continue this tutorial, untill that time Kloxo wont work because server is restarted.

5. After server restart, enter your server IP into web browser to veriffy that your website is online, you should see default Kloxo page there. You may try also adding your domain name which is pointed to your custom domain nameservers and as we spoken in step (2). That would mean that nameserver was registered properly on your domain registar side and also on the server itself when you added a domain name. If you see DNS error, try using some proxy server like to veriffy issue is not only on your computer. If your domain loads via proxy, it means you need to wait 24-72 hours for your internet service provider to clear their DNS cache.

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6. Your website is working and its files are loaded from /home/admin/yourdomainfolder.
To manage your domain (files, mysql, emails) in Kloxo, click "Domains" icon and then click selected domain name.

There you can find icons like: File manager . That is where your website files should be uploaded to. You can click Upload tab on the file manager page to upload .ZIP file for example. Once uploaded click this file and select extract.

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How to setup FTP access?
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When configuring FTP client (like FileZilla), server/hostname will be your server IP, port blank or 21 (FTP).

PHP scripts usually needs MySQL database to save data. To create mysql database in Kloxo, click "Domain" icon in left menu and then "MySQL databases".

Possible issues

Uploaded website, still see Kloxo Index!!
After uploding files to your website directory using File Manager (mentioned above), you may still seee kloxo Index page!! Ensure that you uploaded files to proper directory. Go to "Domains", click your domain name, and on the top left you can see "".

If you are sure you uploaded to this directory, try clicking "Server : Linux" item in left menu and select "Command Center". Then paste following command to the Command field.
sh /script/fixweb;/etc/init.d/httpd restart
. Click execute. Then check again whether Kloxo index is away.

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