when i changed VE_LAYOUT value of an OpenVZ VPS from ploop to simfs and restarted VPS it stated showing error:

# vzctl --verbose start 2390
Starting container...
vzquota : (error) Quota on syscall for id 2390: Device or resource busy
vzquota : (error) Possible reasons:
vzquota : (error) - Container's root is already mounted
vzquota : (error) - there are opened files inside Container's private area
vzquota : (error) - your current working directory is inside Container's
vzquota : (error) private area
vzquota : (error) Currently used file(s):
vzquota on failed [3]

on the first run, when layout was set to ploop this was result:

Starting container...
Opening delta /vz/private/2390/root.hdd/root.hdd
Error in ploop_check (check.c:574): Dirty flag is set
Adding delta dev=/dev/ploop17425 img=/vz/private/2390/root.hdd/root.hdd (rw)
Mounting /dev/ploop17425p1 at /vz/root/2390 fstype=ext4 data='balloon_ino=12,usrjquota=aquota.user,grpjquo ta=aquota.group,jqfmt=vfsv0,'
Container is mounted
How this can be fixed?

- ps aux | grep VMID
kill any processes that running for that VM while VM is in "Stopped" state