Which application is needed so one can stream any video via torrent?

So i have access to largest number of TV shows, audio, software?

And at same time i can stream it / partially download & stream at same time?

Im aware of torrent trackers to be good source of data, i know uTorrent allow streaming in Paid version

So what is ultimate all in one solution to be able to quickly stream almost any media without need of long pre-downloading. (stream and do not waste time pre-downloading whole movie when i want to watch something)

My download speed is around 2-3Mb/s

ofcourse im looking for the free source of media (like public torrent trackers)


So far i found these possible solutions:

- Use qBittorent as it has option to download data in sequential order (meaning from beginning, not fractions from all parts of the file). Right click torrent and select "Download in sequential order". Here is image tutorial on how to play torrent

- use Tixati torrent client, it is said to support sequential (in order) movie downloading too. Right click on the file, you get to choose priority settings. In there there is the sequential option.

- AllPlayer should stream torrents and more. Video

- TorchBrowser is said to play torrents, But there are negative reviews when you google

- Here are non-torrent methods of movies streaming

- uTorrent may support streaming of torrent contents, but it want a Pro version which is paid.