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Thread: How to change my Ip ?

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    How to change my Ip ?

    Hello friends,

    I want to know that How to change my Ip ? tell me

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    Try to talk to your internet service provider (ISP).
    If your aim is that websites you visit see different IP, then you can also use "proxy" service or "VPN proxy". Google it.

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    If you want to change your local PC ip address then you can use many tools like proxy browser, RDP or call your ISP for help.

    You can use proxy service, Paid and dedicated proxy ip is much better.
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    Normally ISP has this schedule of changing the IP. However, if you want to change it from time to time, you can use a tool or a software that hides your original IP. And there's an option for you to choose your location.

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    You can use Virtual Private Network or Proxy server or other option is use vox server just ad on Mozilla Firefox and register to use it.

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    There are some add-ons that you can install easily on Google Chrome or FireFox. They allow you to change your IP to other countries

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    Good morning,

    Your public IP address is attributed by the Internet Service Provider. With proxified connections (or VPN), the concerned ISP will be the ISP of the proxy or VPN server (so, it may be the hosting provider). To change public IP address, only the ISP is able to do it. Each ISP has his own IP range (they purchases it) so they can't put your IP address outside their own range.

    The most common way to change IP address is using public proxy/VPN so IP address becomes the proxy or VPN's server's IP address. But you could also purchase a fixed IP address from your ISP (it costs around $2/month/IP).

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