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Thread: Click Fraud Detector

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    Click Fraud Detector


    We want to offer you free access to a new technology, that would help in decreasing your AdWords expenses and at the same time increase ROI.
    Our software is able:
    - to detect click fraud (for instance - when competition is clicking on your ads)
    - automatic IP Blocking
    - track all incoming traffic
    - identifying javascript disabled boots
    - identifying clicks from proxy servers
    - IP Location: country, region and city
    - full history and activity for every IP address tracked

    It's 100% FREE. Register now and it will be lifetime free for you.

    Registering is open here - please check our software: clickbrainiacs.com

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    You have to watch your competitors. They can click on your ad and leave you bad reviews. I personelly think their should be no reviews on the interbet because of this.

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