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Thread: Do u like Astrology..?

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    it feels to me similar like casino, reading tabloids etc. so the things im trying to get rid off

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    Astrology is the study of the relation between astronomical situation of planet with earth. It believe the positions of the sun, moon and other planets at the time of a person's birth.

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    Yes, Astrology is known as the study of planet's position and movements as well which influence on human activity and the natural world too.

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    I don't believe in such things..

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    Me too, bro. It is kinda weird

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    I believe in astrology it is study of the movement of planet as well which reflect in our real life too. With the help pf astrology we can make our life better.

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    Yes, I do love astrology. I Consult the best astrologer in Delhi, Manavv Chawla to get online solutions for all my problems related to astrology. He guides me in the simplest & easy way.

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    its an amazing post i learned from it thanks or sharing.

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