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Thread: How to make sure Linux server is free from my IP address?

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    How to make sure Linux server is free from my IP address?

    When i want Linux server not to contain the IP from which i accessed it, how to go about that?

    my idea is:

    grep -Ril "myIPhere" /

    this way search thru all files and print paths to files which contains my IP in them

    then process these files to remove IPs or make some files immutable if that is safe for that file

    Example cron:
    * * * * * root history -c;echo >~/.bash_history;echo >/var/log/wtmp; echo > /var/log/btmp;>/var/log/lastlog;>/var/log/secure

    that should empty history and last logins each minute

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    You can use another Linux server as a proxy to access that server instead of edit all log files

    For example, you can create a temp VPS at any hoster, create the SSH tunnel to it and then connect to the target server using your temporary Linux server IP address instead of your.
    Then you can waste your temp server as well.

    Take a look here for example of SSH tunnel configuring and using.

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