MS WIndows

Kodi is nice opensource software to browse offline and online media.
It is storing its data in default aplication data storage folder. To change location of the Kodi userdata directory, do this:

1. exit Kodi
2. Start menu, Run/Search and execute: %APPDATA%
3. Folder opens. In my case (Windows Vista: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming)
4. Move "Kodi" folder to your desired location and copy this new location path. In my case it was: M:\Kodi
5. Start menu, Run/Search and search for: cmd
6. right click on cmd.exe and run it as an Administrator. cmd.exe might be in C:\Windows\System32
7. inside command line window, execute following commands (replace M:\Kodi by your new Kodi path)
8. cd %APPDATA%
9. mklink /D Kodi "M:\Kodi"
10. run Kodi
11. veriffy that in old folder (%APPDATA%) is new Kodi symbolic link linking to new location