how do You keep your browsing data across multiple computers easilly?

Personally im using Firefox and it has "Sync" feature. I think this is better than with Chrome.

It sync all data to Firefox account and when logged in at another computer, data are downloaded and one see:

his bookmarks
his extensions
his passwords
his url & webform auto complete

except i seen that possibly Firefox proxy IP was not recovered and NoScript extension exception list was not recovered.

How to keep noscript preference.

A) Go to NoScript Options (right click on the noscript icon) and there on Whitelist tab is an Export button. This is bad, complicated way to keep in sync NoScript whitelisted urls.B) Use Firefox portable application and store it along with the Firefox profile folder on an external HDD or USB flash disk (flash disk may not be good as its writing cycles are limited)

The noscript data are saved inside Firefox profile folder in the file named "prefs.js"
Firefox profile folder: Open "about:support" url in firefox and click button "Show Folder"