In my case im using folowing software:

-2) Firefox and secure it according to this tutorial.

-1) XP Antispy: (for Win 7, Win 10 try & Spybot Anti-Beacon)

0) Truecrypt (TCNext):

1) Mac Changer:

2) Run XP Antispy, click "Special" menu item, then click "Administrative mode".
Then click "Profiles" menu and click "Suggested". Click Apply changes button at the bottom.

3) Run Truecrypt & Create new Container from within Truecrypt.

4) Secure Firefox by placing its profile folder into an Truecrypt encrypted container, read this tutorial, step 2

5) Download and install Spybot 1.x.x (not 2.x.x): enable Tea Timer to prevent computer infection

6) download & install media codec pack with media player classic ("Standard" version here:, without player is "Basic" version)

7) if have Radeon HD3650 graphic card, then download and install older drivers ( from:, direct drivers link:

8) install flash player:

9) install Media Player Classic

10) Install Mega Sync, there is no portable version. It saves data to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local so can be restored here fom old computer

11) install ccleaner to securely delete private data & history: