What are good tips to stop being penalized in Google Search results (SERP)?

Following tips is what i read & learned, so it may not work perfectly

1) add site to Google Webmaster tools & veriffy site. Google should add new message with instructions on how to fix the issue
Browse all the Webmaster Tools sections for your website to learn if something should be fixed.

2) read Google Webmaster guidelines according to "Quality": https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35769?hl=en#quality_guidelines
while studying your website and writing down what you can fix to comply to the guidelines

3) remove backlinks from webpages that are penalized by Google and which are abused/damaged by high number of links on them & low value content
- Linking pages (backlinks) can be discovered in Google Webmaster Tools
- Google: discover bad backlinks
- ask webmasters to remove links and if not removed, use Disavow tool

4) add site to Google Analytics or check Analytics to see which pages gets lowest number of visits from Google, while taking in account how long they are published. Learn how such pages looks like and what you can improve on them.


Siteliner.com tool can give also some idea on what to change on the site.