Hi, i have used this spam handling vbulletin plugin (GlowHost-Spam-O-Matic) on several forums, and for me it is a best mod to handle spam deleting on my forum. Why?

Because on forumdisplay.php i can tick one or more forums, on showtopic i can do the same, then below the posts/topics, click Moderation tools and select Glow host. Then in one click i can delete all selected posts as spam, delete all posts from mentioned user, delete his account, or ban his account only. There are tickboxes. Very quick spam deletion for vbulletin.

GlowHost-Spam-O-Matic also allows automatic moderation of new registrations and new users according to Akismet and stopforum spam. IPs, emails or usernames banned at Stop forum spam can be denied to register. You can also moderate suspicious posts yourself.

There are some vbulletin alternatives to this plugin.