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Thread: Best Forex Brokers you know?

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    Best Forex Brokers you know?

    Nowadays Forex trading is becoming more and more popular and I started thinking to join this world market online.
    So, What rules should I know before the Start? I have already found several Forex brokers:
    1) http://markets.com/
    2) http://alpari.com/
    What is the best from your points? Where can I find any info about them?

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    I would use google to find some broker comparison websites first.
    And golden rule in investing/gambling is never play with money that you canot afford to loose.
    Forex can similarly risky like casino.

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    Here are a few critical points to consider while choosing a forex broker, more here:

    Verify the Broker's Qualifications - This is the first and most critical step to take when selecting a Forex broker. Indeed, it is critical for you to comprehend and ascertain the broker's qualifications. A licensed Forex broker must register and regulated by a financial authority. Make certain that you never haggle for a broker who claims to be reputable but is not affiliated with the trading commission specified above.

    Examine the Broker's Trading Platform Range - Similar to stock brokers, forex brokers offer a diverse selection of trading platforms. These trading systems frequently include real-time charts and tools for technical analysis. Now, before committing to any broker, be certain to get free trials of the trading platform from your online Forex broker. Many brokers now offer technical and financial notes to educate their consumers about the Forex market.

    Determine the Minimum Deposit Required to Open an Account - Each forex broker has a minimum deposit requirement when you open an account with them. Now, if the broker requires a higher deposit, look for one with a lower minimum. There are options available for every investor, regardless of their investment size.

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    I am already finding a good broker and using this company, namely FXOpen broker, they are true ECN and regulated on FCA.ASIC and Cysec.

    I am never using Alpari or Market broker, and I think I will not change my broker because so far FXOpen they giving good trading services and helping my life to get money from the forex industry.

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    Hi there. For my opinion, the best broker is Saxo Bank broker ( https://tradersunion.com/brokers/forex/view/saxo_bank/ ).

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