We LOVE to build Private Cloud and VPS environments from small to ultra-large. If you are looking for a Cloud/VPS pool with local disk storage, or a Private Cloud with a dedicated Storage Server, or even a Serious Enterprise Cloud with a real SAN as disk store we can build it all!

Private VPS Cloud $397/Month

2x Hypervisor Servers
1x Control Panel Server


Instant Virtual Machine Deployment

Perfect for Cloud VPS Environments with Proxmox, SolusVM, Virtuozzo and others

Easy to use GUI to manage your Virtual Infrastructure

Local RAID1 disk on both Hypervisor Servers for Data Protection

Flexible Customer Web Interface

Node to Node VM Migrations
2 x Hypervisor Server Node

2 x Intel L5640 6 Core Xeon (12 cores total)
24 GB RAM, 2 x 500GB SATA, Hardware RAID 1

1 x Control Panel Server Node

1 x Intel L5640 6 Core Xeon (12 cores total)
12 GB RAM, 2 x 500GB SATA, RAID 1

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