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Thread: Wordpress wp-admin folder Error 401 - how to fix

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    Wordpress wp-admin folder Error 401 - how to fix

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    How to fix error 401 (Unauthorized) in Wordpress admin folder (wp-admin) ?

    I think it has to do with .htaccess files or with password protect directory function.

    I fixed it by adding ".htaccess" file into wp-admin folder (or into any folder in lower level)
    and into .htaccess add this:

    AuthName "WordPress"
    AuthType Basic

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    Sorry to interrupt this old post but no one replied on this thread so i am explaining little bit about 401 wp-admin error in wordpress.
    We are facing this error when we enter incorrect password in wordpress admin and to resolve this issue you can follow below details
    1. Try to remove password from WordPress admin – It’s a temporary dealing!
    2. Just clear the cache appeared in Firewall
    3. Do the activity of plugin deactivation
    4. Choose the WordPress Default Theme
    5. Reset the password of WordPress
    6. Do you still have query then contact the provider of WordPress hosting company

    If you want to check more details about this error then you can check this link:

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