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Thread: Wordpress alternative, which simple CMS to use

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    Wordpress alternative, which simple CMS to use

    Which simple content management system to use? Is there any alternative to Wordpress which is frequently hacked and spammed?

    CMS should be simple, easy to publish/edit articles, pages.

    Can be used like an company presentation or a blog with at least 20 free templates

    Wordpress https://cs.wordpress.org/
    TextPattern http://textpattern.com/
    CMSMS http://www.cmsmadesimple.cz/
    WolfCMS http://www.wolfcms.org/
    GetSimpleCMS http://get-simple.info (alot of themes too)

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    5 simple CMS alternatives to WordPress
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    The best alternatives according to me are:
    1. Drupal
    2. Wix
    3. Jimdo
    4. Squarespace

    I personally find Drupal more endearing than the other ones.
    It is almost as good as Wordpress and has a lot of options for plugins to be used with the said CMS.

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    I have used Joomla before as a consultant company said it had advantages over Wordpress. But I have no idea what advantages those are. Go with Wordpress if you can. If you need a plugin to solve a problem, Wordpress is much more likely to have it than any other CMS.

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