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Thread: Android: SD card is blank or has unsupported file system - how to solve

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    Android: SD card is blank or has unsupported file system - how to solve

    How to solve blank card issue: (i have this issue too)

    If Android says card is blank or unsupported file system, i would try to put SD/HC card into card reader and insert reader into USB port of your PC. Then it should connect as a new drive. Copy all data from SD/HC card to your computer. Then try to add card into mobile again. If still not working (i think it wont work), then "Format" this SDHC card from Windows. From windows Vista i have it when i right click on the SD/HC drive. FAT32, Quick format. Then copy data from computer back to card. Insert into Android device, it should work.

    In case not Android and not computer recognise drive, i would try to add card reader into different USB port or different computer. If computer shows like no drive is inserted, drive is probably damaged, and i was not able to format it even using third party formating tools (example: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/) and not chkdsk windows tool. The solution is to ask specialised firm to help you recover data. It can cost like 100usd or more. Another thing is to forgot about data and buy new SD/HC card for your mobile. & find good way to backup your data regularly


    In another words:
    How to fix this? You need to insert your SD card to the SD card reader and plug the reader into your computer USB port. it should connect as a new drive and copy all data from this drive to your computer. Then format card FAT32, Quick format. Then copy data back and insert SD card to your Android device. If computer cant read the card, and tried various USB ports or various SD card readers, card is probably damaged, and probably only specialised firm may restore some data. .. at least i think so

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    Just Format Your Memory Card with FAT 32.

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