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Thread: Multi user Linux remote desktop

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    Multi user Linux remote desktop


    is there any good tutrial on how to setup remote desktop on Linux server allowing multiple users to have their own independent accounts with graphical interface (remote desktop)?

    I have Linux + LXDE + VNCServer, but not sure how its possible to allow multi user accounts.

    Here are some quotations and links on this issue:

    some tutorial on this issue:

    second even better looking tutorial here:
    (backup here: Ubuntu Remote Desktop multiple users Free

    Here something else:
    "LXDM is a lightweight display manager for the LXDE desktop environment."
    "LXDM allows multiple users to be logged into different ttys at the same time."

    "If you have multiple users want to connect ubuntu system using xrdp you will need to configure xsession file for each user"

    Someone advice an Linux command here
    im not sure if it would work on your current VPS. But we can reinstall VPS at anytime or you can install any linux software.

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    Implemented this one for my server and 5 users few months ago
    Works as expected, however there was no any serious workload there so long no extra requirements - just regular office job.

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