Founded in 2000, 7HOST delivers complex managed hosting solutions and high-end application services to a broad spectrum of businesses,
from turnkey application packages designed for small and mid-sized businesses, to full scale IT infrastructures for industry leaders.
This includes highly profitable companies who make the fiscally sound decision to outsource, instead of maintaining a large scale IT department.

Pro Cloud Hosting

Main advantages:

Computing power scalability:
From a fraction of a CPU core up to 128 CPU cores per website.'Hot' upgrade.

Each instance is allocated on a Virtual Dedicated Server:
The virtual machine is completely dedicated to the customer.
It is possible to install additional components and software: this allows you an highly customized service.
If necessary, you can add CPU, disk and bandwidth as desired.

High Availability - Each Virtual Dedicated Server is in Cloud configuration:
The memory resources, CPU and disk are not allocated on a single physical server but on a group of servers. The servers in the cloud work in load balancing, allocating resources dynamically.
When a server fails, it is excluded from the cloud and the resources are managed by other servers.
This architecture allows to achieve reliability levels higher than those reached by previous technologies.

Storage ISCSI Raid 5 Redundancy:
Also data are allocated on a Cloud. They do not reside on a single server, but on an array of disks with RAID5.
They are completely redundant within the array: in case of failure on a single disk, the system reallocates resources dinamically.

ProCloud Hosting Windows
starting at 59.90 И/month
Server Instance Reserved
30 GB Disk
3000 GB/month
300 Mailboxes

ProCloud Hosting Linux
starting at 28.70 И/month
Server Instance Reserved
256 MB RAM
10 GB Disk
3000 GB/month
300 Mailboxes

All servers for hosting in our Datacenter are protected with firewall, AVG Antivirus Server, RAID and UPS systems.

Based in Chieti, Central Italy, 7HOST has its own highly secure datacenter in Milan which includes a state-of-the-art network, and total fiber optic connectivity for high-speed reliable service.

The Internet never stops and neither do we.

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